Vibes of Silence was created in 2017 with the purpose to inform about the latest news of the music industry. We talk about the music and artists we love; we’ll never talk about the singers we don’t like only to “destroy” their work or image, it’s not ethical.

Nowadays, the only writer and editor of Vibes Of Silence is me Nacho. I’m a simple publicist and PR music lover, who loves to discover new talents and music to share it with the world.

Vibes of Silence is mostly a website for English artists, but the section called “Spanish Vibes” is a tribute to all the Spanish’s artists and groups (included Latin Americans) that we love. We want to promote those kinds of music, and of course my mother language.

Also in early 2018, we included a new section called “KVibes” related to K-Pop music, one of the clear protagonists of this year.

At the end of 2018, we change of location from Málaga (Spain) to Lisboa (Portugal)

We’ll keep this web updated with new sections, surprises and unique curious stuff. So stay tuned for the all the upcoming things. Thanks 😉