Vibes of Silence was created in 2016 to report on the latest releases in the music industry, as well as to help discover new music continuously. We talk about all genres and artists, following the only rule that they have to convey something special to us with their work.

The editor of Vibes of Silence is Ignacio Lupión, who is responsible for the full management of the site. Publicist and Public Relations professional with further education in Digital Marketing, Graphic Design and Music industry with an innate passion for music and journalism.

In 2018 I changed our location from Málaga (Spain) to the north of Portugal until July 2019, when I decided to change and move to the south, specifically to the beautiful city of Lisbon. At the end of 2021, following a job in the music industry I went to Salzburg (Austria), where this website is now based.

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