Agnes continues with her fantastic run of singles with the enormous “Fingers Crossed”

With every single that Agnes releases, I think that the only thing that 2020 needs to get better is a 30-track album from her.

On 2019 she made a fantastic comeback with the excellent EP Nothing Can Compare, which was followed this 2020 by the euphoric “Goodlife” and the Stripped Down EP. Now, she continues with a new track titled “Fingers Crossed” which is also produced and written by Vargas & Lagola with Agnes also collaborating on the lyrics.

“Fingers Crossed” is an enormous and exhilarating track that serves as a perfect follow-up for all the euphoric and disco-inspired tracks that Agnes has been releasing lately. Again both the production and Agnes’s impeccable vocal quality work perfectly together as both are just so impressively dynamic and vivid. The lyrics, especially on the chorus, are so catchy and balanced helping to create that captivating atmosphere that “Fingers Crossed” exhales on every single note.

One of her best songs. No doubt of it.

Enjoy “Fingers Crossed” visually stunning video below:

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