Alanis Morissette Amsterdam Concert Review June 12th 2022
Alanis Morissette Amsterdam Concert Review June 12th 2022

Alanis Morissette in Amsterdam: A star at the top of her game

It’s such a precious opportunity to be able to see performing an icon of such a magnitude as Alanis Morissette. She has marked multiple generations with her exceptional songwriting skills and powerful vocals, but to see her celebrating her discography on stage is a full-circle moment.

All the artists have their aura on stage; in the case of Alanis, it’s easy to perceive that she is a being of light and a dedicated artist to her craft. You can easily get hypnotised by how her mannerisms help her control her voice and guide herself to reach an impressive level of vocal performance during her show.

This celebratory show for the Jagged Little Pill Anniversary did have one of the funniest intros for a show that I have ever seen, with images that transport us to the late 90s and the peak of her success with the record. I will easily say that my favourite performances were “Smiling”, “Reasons I Drink”, “Thank You”, “Ironic”, and the iconic “You Oughta Know”.

I cannot write enough words to recommend you to see her live during her current European Tour. A force to reckon with and a master of her craft.

Enjoy our little compilation of the show below:

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