Alba Reche surprises for good with her gorgeously emotive collaboration with the talented Fuel Fandango in “Los Cuerpos”

If a month ago I was saying that “Pido Tregua” was her best song to date, now I have to retire that affirmation as her duet with Fuel Fandango is just one of the most stunning songs released in Spain this 2021.

“Los Cuerpos”, which is the latest single from her upcoming new album La Pequeña Semilla (out March 19th), is a hypnotic dreamland of layers and sensations that was produced by Gabriel Fernández (Juancho Marqués, Natalia Lacunza…). The production flourishes as a unique and beautiful approach to create a sound that feels evocative and humanly natural but modern at the same time.

The song also incorporates Fuel Fandango into the composition, explaining how the track’s quality is just outstandingly out of this world. The way their vocals flow together and really connect with the lyrics that are claiming for the search of a space free from ties, stress and prejudice, is just gorgeous.

La Pequeña Semilla will be a short album with only 8 songs. Still, I suppose the rest of the record will go in the direction of “Los Cuerpos” and “Pido Tregua”. In that case, I won’t argue about the duration.

Enjoy “Los Cuerpos” below:

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