Alex vargas what you wish for artwork
Alex vargas what you wish for artwork

Alex Vargas completely undresses his emotions on new single “What You Wish For”

In today’s music industry is sadly common to continually heard about artists having mental health issues. We live in a world where society pushes us to the limit of getting everything right with unprecedented pressure.

But from those moments of ups and downs, we usually get fantastic songs full of humanity and sincerity.

This is the case of Alex Vargas, who has transform of the adversities he has confronted on the past, into an anthem to positivity titled “What You Wish For”.

Vargas’ first track of 2019 is: “It’s a warning to anyone suffering with mental health issues. A reminder to talk to someone, be it a friend or a professional. A week after writing ‘What You Wish For’ I had my first ever therapy session,”

On the next three months, Alex Vargas will be back on tour across Europe with gigs in Germany, The Netherlands and UK. It’s not confirmed if the highly anticipated second studio album of Alex is going to be released this 2019.

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