Alexander Woods soulful new track “I Know” is for all the broken hearts out there

Alexander Woods is an artist from the depths of suburban Copenhagen with a perfect voice for pop music.

A month and a half ago, he released his first single of the year, “You Better”, an introduction to Alexander Woods’ new universe and musical approach. The lyrics are mostly related to the need to stay relevant by working hard without seeming overburdened by it, which is challenging even for the strongest person ever.

But that was only the beginning of all that is about to come, including his latest single, “I Know”. The track is another taste from Alexander Woods’ upcoming EP, which will be released in the fall.

The essence of the track is about a very relatable moment in everyone’s life, that moment when you have to rediscover love after losing it and broke your heart. Along with the gorgeous song comes a video portraying a celebration of love while dancing on the rooftops of Copenhagen.

The production of “I Know” has quite a soulful pop sound with a touch of disco, that along with the warm voice of Alexander, creates a welcoming sad-pop anthem for anyone’s who has been unfortunate in love before.

“I learned to listen and turn my inner “fix-it” approach off a bit. I discovered a brand new kind of togetherness with my partner, and could see the need for changes in new light.” Alexander says, referring to the song’s mantra: “It’s time for change – I know.”

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