Alice Chater’s new bop single “Thief” will steal your heart at first listen

We introduce you to the wonderful world of Alice Chater in early 2018. At that time her career just started to be pushed by Virgin and Universal Music, and we’re about to listen to her first single “Girls x Boys”. Although we were already hyped by the release of her cover of Madonna’s classic “Hung Up” and Mariah’s “Vision of Love”.

Now a few singles later (“Heartbreak Hotel”, “Hourglass” and the introductory “Wonderland (My Name Is Alice)”), we can finally listen to Alice’s first single of 2019, is a bop and is titled “Thief”.

“Thief” has been produced by Carl Falk and Rami Yacoub, while the writing credits belong to Alice, MoZella and again the producers.

The main appeal of this track is the magnificence of the melody at the chorus. Just so earworm and pleasant. Instantly effective and ready to be played on the radio. The production is simple but effective with the little tropical sound that fits extraordinary well with Alice’s powerhouse vocals.

If this year we can get at least an EP from Alice Chater, we’re going to be blessed.

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