Aloïse Sauvage continues to welcome us into her urban fantasy with “Présentement”

It’s been a few years in this music world for Aloïse Sauvage who continues to amaze us with every single release. She’s showing a continuous growth that is absolutely unstoppable.

The way she was able to develop her own sound through urban rap and tuned it up with her own essence which includes a little bit of theatre and a lot of a captivating personality, that is outstanding.

Is easy to see on the video of her latest single “Présentement”, which is an utterly urban fantasy, that Aloïse is delivering us a breathtaking live performance of the first taste her upcoming EP Jimy (29th March)

Aloïse Sauvage : Jimy EP

  1. Présentement 2’55
  2. Parfois Faut 3’36
  3. A l’horizontale 2’42
  4. Jimy 3’05
  5. L’Orage 4’02

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