ARES celebrates the beauty of everyday love on their new single, “New Place”

The Danish pop duo ARES is not slowing down this 2022. Despite releasing the infectious “Poison” less than a month ago, Louise Væver and Line Mortensen are now ready to show a softer and more summerish side of themselves with the release of “New Place”, the second single from their upcoming EP.

On “New Place”, ARES celebrates the beauty of everyday love. Especially that moment when you finally feel safe and happy in a previously difficult relationship.

The song is full of silky warm harmonies, creating a magical atmosphere that flows perfectly. The production is again created in a collaboration between one half of the duo, Line Mortensen, and producer Joachim Ersgaard, who has previously worked with artists such as Mercedes, Ea Kaya and Mina Okabe.

“There are so many love songs out there, and most of them are either about falling in love or about heartbreak. When we started writing this song, we realized that none of us were on either end of that spectrum anymore. That’s why the song ended up being based on the kind of symbiotic happiness that one can experience in a long-lasting relationship”


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