Ariana Grande samples “My Favourite Things” on her humorous and bossy new single “7 Rings”

Is undeniable that since his released more than 60 years the iconic musical The Sound of Music, written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, a lot of artists have covered or used as a sample the main song of the film “My Favourite Things”.

We have massive artists like John Coltrane, David Brubeck, Barbara Streisand, Tony Bennett, The Supremes, Rod Stewart, Laibach or Kelly Clarkson. And now we add another contemporary act like Ariana Grande to this incomplete list.

“7 Rings” use the irresistible hook of “My Favourite Things” and obviously include Rodgers and Hammerstein II as authors of the track. The lyrics are a statement (with a lot of humour and irony) about Ariana’s actual power and the imperial phase her career is living right now. It includes a few mentions of Ariana’s favourite things like jewellery, cars, houses, expensive champagne and a whole cohort of trinkets.

Interestingly, the track has only been written by 4 people (their friends) plus Ariana herself. We can find Victoria Monét, Tayla Parx, Njomza and Kaydence Krysiuk – the other two they are Courtney Chipolone and Alexa Luria.

Ariana came up with this song after a day in New York. To take away the all her worries, her friends took Ariana to Tiffany’s, the famous 5th Avenue jewellery shop, and she decided to buy a ring for each of them, seven in all, and then run a party. He immediately decided that this must be a new track and here we’re in front of another more than possible mash.

“7 Rings” has been produced by TBHits and Social House – the same team that created ‘thank u, next’, the greatest hit of Ariana’s career.

Enjoy the ultra-capitalist and Hanna Lux Davis‘s directed video for “7 Rings”:

Whoever said money can’t solve your problems
Must not have had enough money to solve ’em

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