Asbjørn shares heartfelt new single ‘We & I’

Asbjørn, one of our favourite Danish artists, has revealed another taste from his upcoming third studio album which is scheduled to be released this year under his new record labels Virgin Records and Universal Music Germany.


As well as all his previous work, this new single ‘We & I’ has been written by Asbjørn and co-produced this time by Esben Nørskov Andersen and Asbjørn too.


He has declared this about ‘We & I’ on Instagram: “I wrote ‘We & I’ on a long walk, trying to sing out the heartache over the boy I wrote most of my album about. ‘Nothing 2 Lose’ was written in the high, ‘We & I’ in the low. But with this song, it felt like I took back the power over my heart”.


Listen to Asbjørn’s new single ‘We & I’:


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