Belgrave releases a break-up anthem titled ‘Cheat’ as his new single

Belgrave has turned heartbreak into a dark pop anthem fulfilled with intensity, heavy drums and another exceptional Belgrave’s vocal delivery. ‘Cheat’ was written after a past relationship that ended due to his partner’s infidelity.


Here we left you some declaration about the track that Belgrave has made to Notion Magazine: “last year I retreated to a tiny cabin on the cliffs in Cornwall to work on new songs. It was completely isolated; you stare out the window at 180 degrees of ocean, stretching out into the horizon. It was a reflective time in my life and I was processing some experiences that I hadn’t yet allowed myself to write about. Having that space allowed me to find a lyrical clarity in my voice. Gone are the metaphors and imagery, ‘Cheat’ is as direct as it comes with me, recounting a situation that had ripped my heart in two. Experiencing infidelity within a relationship can make you feel powerless, passive within a situation out of your control. Even though the subject is painful, writing ‘Cheat’ felt defiant and empowering, and that’s how I feel when I perform the song, it’s my way of taking the power back.”


Listen to Belgrave’s new single ‘Cheat’ below:


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