“Best Friend” by Saweetie and Doja Cat is going to be your new problematic obsession

This track is one of those songs whose vibes are just screaming “Hit” to your ears. And when we add a good video with a bit of corkiness, luxury and non-sense moments, you have the perfect mix for a sure hit (with the help of TikTok as Doja’s knows well). 

But there’s a problem that has been constant in Doja’s career as it has been with Kim Petras, both are still working with Dr. Luke, the infamous producer who’s still in a legal battle with Kesha

Kesha claimed Dr. Luke was guilty of sexual harassmentgender violence, civil harassment, unfair business practices and infliction of emotional distress (both intentional and negligent). After that, multiples artists show support to Kesha and share experiences of harassment related to the infamous producer. After that lawsuit, he adopted a fake name which was Made In China, to keep producing songs in “secret”. 

The problem appears when you check the credits of this track “Best Friends”, and his name appears again without any pseudonym. By the way, he has previously worked multiples times with Saweetie too. 

Is so sad that with this legal battle still going on, he was able to work with artists from the three big companies (Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Group) last year with all these accusations. It’s clear that this is because a white male, but we need these labels to prevent these collaborations. 

So when it comes to this point, what the public should do with the songs produced by Dr. Luke? Boycott? Is the public really interested in the ethical issues that some songs have underneath? Should be still bopping to these tracks freely? Are these artists contractually linked to Dr. Luke for eternity?

If you want, you can unapologetically bop to “Best Friends” by Doja Cat and Saweetie

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