Blas Cantó releases “Él No Soy Yo” his best song by far

The Spanish singer Blas Cantó make us forget the deception of his DNCE/Maroon 5 rip off track “Drunk and Irresponsible” with a great classic but effective track “Él No Soy Yo”.


This new track sung in Spanish follows the current trend in the music industry, combining acoustic guitars with a dance country-folk rhythm, creating a melodic radio-friendly hybrid which is produced with quiet good taste by Manuel Herrero Chalud and Rayito. The writers are Leroy Sanchez and Rafael Vergara.


Blas Cantó will release his solo debut album ‘Complicado’ on September 14th. His has shared a little promotional video explained a little bit of the process of recording and finding himself as a person and as a musician.


Enjoy the official video of “Él No Soy Yo” below:



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