Katy Perry Bon Appétit Migos
Katy Perry Bon Appétit Migos

“Bon Appétit” is the sexual anthem you need from Katy Perry & Migos

Katy Perry’s not playing this time with “Bon Appétit”, an explicit sexual banger produced by Max Martin and Shellback

“Chained to the Rhythm” was a normal pop song besides to her political references and metaphors, but this new track “Bon Appétit” is the crazier and sexier track from Katy in years.


The production is like an old 90’s disco remix with an extra of bass in it. The sexy enunciation and the explicit lyrics – !I’m a five-star Michelin, A Kobe flown in” -, make this song a huge banger ready to blow your mind on a Friday night.


“Bon Appétit” official video will be released in a few weeks and we can expect anything from it. Also, Katy Perry’s fifth studio album is scheduled to be released this summer.




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