BROCKHAMPTON continues with their 90s series with the colossal ‘1997 Diana’

How can these guys be so good? Their work ethic and their abilities to create are clearly out of this world. ‘1997 Diana’ is another proof of that.


The theory behind all these new songs is that they are named after films that were released in the year within the title. So the actual list is:


‘1999 Wildfire’ was named after a 1999 documentary called Wildfire: Feel the Heat
‘1998 Truman’ is named after the 1998 film The Truman Show
‘1997 Diana’ is named after the 1997 film called Diana & Me


Their radio show is also named after a film with the same name and ‘Tonya’ was a reference to I, Tonya. They have also premiered a new song that broke this 90s rule and is titled ‘Don’t Be Famous’.


Enjoy ‘1997 Diana’ crazy addictive production below:



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