C.Tangana the winning horse and the idol of 2017

“Ídolo” is the confirmation that C.Tangana has blown up the national industry this 2017


After signing with Sony Music the most lucrative contract of the trap in Spain, the popularity of C.Tangana has grown extraordinarily. He is the fashionable boy, the horse winner of a race without competition.


With the fame comes envy, and although it is true that the Madrilenian may have ego problems – there is even a Twitter account that jokes with it @EgodeCTangana – it is undeniable that he has been smarter than the rest of his classmates taking advantage of the opportunities to the extreme. Since it is not difficult to check the exorbitant amount of money that Sony Music is investing in him.


“Ídolo”, the third studio album by C.Tangana, is a piece excellently produced and prepared to destroy the charts. The budget for the project is noted in the quality of the productions of the 12 songs included in the album. Worthy of big names of the hyper-valued American music industry and is undoubtedly several steps above the works of the trap genre in Spain.


The track “Caballo Ganador” is the ultimate expression of what this release means for C.Tangana and Sony Music. The Gold and an incredible advantage against the null competitors in the race to the top of a genre about to explode in Spain.


“Mala Mujer” that trap-Caribbean ode became for a long time the most viral song on Spotify worldwide, is still one of the strongest tracks of “Ídolo”. Although it is difficult to make a classification of the best tracks of the album, where all have been created and produced with enough delicacy to develop bases full of energy and greatness to pair Tangana’s voice – retouched or not-.



A few numbers of songs remind me to Drake, of which he has already shown to be a confessed fan since the album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”, that encouraged Tangana to change his life radically and finally concentrate on his music. As for example “De Pie”, whose production reminds us of “One Dance” or the collaboration with Rihanna in “Too Good”.


The truth is that this album does not leave anyone indifferent, from the first verse of “Time”, C.Tangana already makes clear what is the main theme of “Ídolo”, which is neither more nor less, than to be recognised as the fucking master of Spanish trap scene.


No tengo tiempo para gramear
Enseñando a todo el juego como negociar
To’ lo que predije se ha hecho realidad
Lo puedes escuchar por toda la ciudad (“Tiempo”)


Although undoubtedly we must give due recognition to the producers of “Ídolo” – apart from C.Tangana himself who has also participated in the production – which are Alizzz, El Guincho, Danni Ble and Horror Vacui. All of them have masterfully managed this project towards the artistic direction desired by Antón Álvarez (real name of C.Tangana).


A vision focused on showing the construction of an Idol, but without any of the positive parts that status can imply. We speak of “qualities” such as obsessive competitiveness, radical ambition, individualism and the darkness of who does not trust anyone and travels alone towards their objectives. It seems a description of C.Tangana for many, but we must remember that this is a “performance”, as he is responsible for repeating continuously in his interviews, this is only a part of his being, in what seems a story to means of which according to the artist, there are still many surprises to be revealed.


It seems that the construction of the true Idol has only just begun.


The Best: “Caballo Ganador”, “Mala Mujer” and “De Pie”


7.5 / 10



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