Is time for a double ration of Camila Cabello with “Real Friends” and “Never Be The Same”

Today has started the pre-order of Camila Cabello first studio album “Camila” which is released on January 12th (not the best week for album sales by the way). As usual with every pre-order, the fans can get a song as a reward but this time is a double reward.


“Never Be The Same” is a track penned by Camila who has admitted that’s her best song and it only takes her one hour to write it. I can feel Sia’s reminiscence in the way of singing the verses. It not her strongest and instant track but maybe it grows with the other songs of the album.



“Real Friends” is an acoustic mid-tempo which feels more natural to Camila’s voice. The production is just simple but perfect for this kind of tracks. Although it would be good if the end of the song had a little more of energy, it will help to make the song feel less monotone.



“Camila” will include 11 tracks but only 7 will be unreleased material. At this moment there’s no news about a deluxe edition of this album and the physical copies.


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