Carley Lusk encourages women to use her emotional new song “Let The Beauty Be” as a protection

It was last July when I first talk with Carley Lusk because of the release of her single “Say Something”. Now that we’re in a new year with new hopes, it was the right time for Carley to release new music. And I’m always glad to see how the artists I interviewed keep evolving and developing their careers.

“Let The Beauty Be” depicts the story of a woman experiencing shame for her beauty in response to the public world. The song’s mission is to bring a voice to all the women experiencing anxiety and hurt simply for being themselves.

Her intention with this new track is to serve as a form of protection and companionship to all women, as she says in her statement of “Let The Beauty Be”: “Sing the song in your head when you feel alone and know you are not alone, you are one of many, and you are powerful”.

She further explains: “Whenever you see something beautiful, like a flower, just let it be, once you pull a rose from the earth, does it not die?”

The flowers are precisely a symbol throughout the music video along with the black paint, portraying the emotional trauma and unwanted pressure imposed by that part of society who still sexualize and treat women as objects.

“Let The Beauty Be” was created as a collaboration between Lusk and producer Redd Stanish; both have been able to create a track that navigates between bedroom pop with an R&B influence that really makes a clean sound with a lot of layers and a dreamy atmosphere along with the confident and heartfelt vocals of Carley.

Enjoy “Let the Beauty Be” below:

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