Cher is dazzling and shining like a true icon on “Dancing Queen”, her album tribute to ABBA

Cher is the exact definition of an icon, a living legend that the world can only contemplate as one of the most precious artists that have ever live. Her voice, her attitude and her charisma among a massive list of valuable qualities, have made a lot of generations fall in love with her, some even till the point of devotion.

When the world knew that Cher would release a tribute album to ABBA, everyone understood that we would be blessed with one the gayest album ever. A true gift for every single fan of Abba, Cher and pop music in general. A dream that now is a physical reality that everyone can enjoy without limits.

The essence of ABBA is well preserved in this record but mixed with a blast of modernity, vocoder and Cher impressive 72 years old powerful vocals. Her producer and trustworthy man Mark Taylor has also done an excellent job transforming those iconic pop classics into Cher’s world.

“Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Men After Midnight)”, “SOS” and “One Of Us” were Cher choices to introduce this project to the public. Three amazing versions that created an outstanding hype for this record. If you haven’t fallen in love with any of them, please you should go to your nearest otorhinolaryngologist. You will thank me later.

When you play the album for the first time, you understand that this “Dancing Queen” is such a robust festive record with a lot of memorable moments. From the Spanish and Caribbean explosive “Chiquitita” to the Goldfrapp’s inspired “Waterloo” or the electronic anthem “The Winner Takes It All”.

But it’s the whole package which will hypnotize you, bringing all those feelings not only associated with ABBA but also to Cher unforgettable discography. A record impregnated with a little bit of a trashy and unconformist spirit, that feel so deliciously addictive.

“Dancing Queen” is more than a simple tribute album to ABBA, is an unmissable and magnificent celebration of life and music. A fusion of two of the most iconic and precious figures of modern music that Cher has used to established herself again as one of the most important gay icons of history with this dreamy gift of an album.

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