Cheryl’s new single ‘Love Made Me Do It’ is quite different from what we all were expecting

Has been four years since Cheryl’s latest record Only Human, and the music industry and the scenery have changed quite a lot since then.


A challenge that we all thought that Cheryl would pass with a super instant banger like ‘Promise This’ or her debut single ‘Fight For This Love’. But instead, we get a shocking chilling vibe track titled ‘Love Made Me Do It’.


The track has been written by Cheryl, her ex-bandmate Nicola Roberts, Natasha Bedingfield and Miranda Cooper. And the production which is nicely cute and even original (for Cheryl) was made by The Invisible Men.


Is expected that Cheryl will perform ‘Love Made Me Do It’ on The X Factor UK during this month. If you didn’t like the song, remember that she has always been extremely good in selling her songs with an incredible performance.






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