Bring Me Flowers While I'm Alive Not When I'm Dead_ClareMaguire

Clare Maguire releases a new demo titled “Bring Me Flowers While I’m Alive Not When I’m Dead”

As soon as I enter on twitter the night of the 19th of February and saw the tweet of Clare Maguire, which you can find below, I couldn’t be sadder.

I was desolate to hear that from Clare Maguire, whose talent has been unappreciated by years. Her music has always been on point, and her last album Stranger Things Have Happened (2016) was nothing but an emotional, raw, heartbreaking record, and her latest single “All or Nothing Love” was asking to be featured in a famous romantic series or big new movie, because it was perfect for it.

During 2018, we also try to interview her multiples times because of the profound appreciation that we have to her and her music. Sadly, it never became a reality.

I really hope that this is not a final goodbye from her and that in the future I finally have the opportunity and pleasure to interview her about her music and all these past years.

Continue to make music, please.

Enjoy “Bring Me Flowers While I’m Alive Not When I’m Dead” and the rest of her music below:

PS: She’s going to upload music continuously (a new track “Heavenly Disaster” has appear on it) to her Spotify’s playlist Clouds, which you can find below:

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