It’s been almost eight months since my last concert. It feels weird to say it, as time has passed so quickly during the unexpected pandemic. It just merely feels like weeks.

I believe that for some people like me, we need music in our veins like the air that we breathe. Culture is not a dispensable thing without value or benefits as some governments or people are badly used to treat it like that for ages. Culture is safe, and it’s necessary.

Of course, some rules must be respected and are changing the way we used to live music, museums, theatrical shows and a colossal etcetera of cultural activities. Precisely without those new rules that are here to protect our health, I would usually say that the concert that Monday + Jasmim gave last night live up to my expectations, but the truth is that it didn’t.

I have no longer expectations about live music, maybe that is a new symptom from this whole unique situation, or perhaps it’s just simply that I learn how to live the moment. That’s why I don’t think is an alarming symptom at all.

From both sides of the same show, the public and the artists, we’re all confronting a new reality. Those new rules that have changed the game and even the essential dynamic that is the sacred energy exchange between the audience and the performers is no longer in the same way it used to be.

Now for obvious and understandable reasons, we cannot stand up or even took our masks out, so over the stage, they could see that we learn every single word of their songs by heart.

So having no expectations as I mentioned before, is both beneficial for the public who has the opportunity to re-learn how to enjoy live music again. And for the artists, who can try new things and explore new horizons into more intimate audiences and creating more profound memories and connections during the show despite the distance.

Last night both Jasmim who was playing at the first place and Monday, who was presenting her latest EP Room for All (2020) along with her new band, took an approach of this situation and created a show that lived up to the moment.

Such a unique atmosphere was created last night at the Teatro Maria Matos of Lisbon. The whole audience was a mix of family, friends and fans. It was easy to see not only on the faces of Jasmim and Monday but also on her band, that they were so excited and happy to see and feel the support.

The intimacy of the concert that was created by Jasmim’s voice, folk-rock inspired tracks (Culto da Brisa, 2019) and good shyness on the stage, along with the setting on the scenario created by Monday that was simulating an intimate patio with a lot of plants, lamps and extraordinary light design; were adding such a warm and welcoming sensation to the whole vibe of the show before Monday went in.

The voice of Monday was undoubtedly extraordinary, sounding even better than on her recent EP Room for All. It was a voice full of emotions and strength that perfectly led the entire set (that included a cover and a new song that if my Portuguese is not mistaken was written in quarantine about Monday’s feelings and thoughts about the music industry) which such a magistral spirit.

It was such a delight to close the eyes during songs like “Little Fish” or “Room for All” and enjoy the powerful sound that Monday and her band have created, elevating the production of the studio versions into a whole new level. And as I said before, her crystal clear but powerful voice was on point the entire night.

A real good evening to remember the beauty of live music and the talent of the upcoming young Portuguese artists who are ready to give wings to their stories through beautiful melodies, heart-filled lyrics and live performances as magical as the one on this night of September 14, 2020.

Parabéns Monday and Jasmim, be proud of this special night.

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