Putochinomaricón_Corazón De Cerdo Con Ginseng Al Vapor_Album
Putochinomaricón_Corazón De Cerdo Con Ginseng Al Vapor_Album

‘Corazón De Cerdo Con Ginseng Al Vapor’ by Putochinomaricón: 18 minutes of pure pop costumbrist.

Chenta Tsa aka Putochinomaricón, has revealed himself as one of the most promising Spanish artists of this generation. His music is an outstanding mix of Charli XCX, Pet Shop Boys, PC music producer AG Cook and Spanish group La Casa Azul among others. But lyrically his music is pure pop costumbrist which is easily relatable for a lot of young people out there.


All these translate into a perfect collection of pop tracks like few others in today’s Spanish scene. From the previous well-known and social media hits ‘Gente de mierda’, ‘Tu No Eres Activista’, ‘Tu Puta Vida Nos Da (Un Poco) Igual’ (with the stellar collaboration of the promising Chilean musician and producer Ignacio Redard) and addictive ‘No Tengo Wifi’ – which, reworked production transform the whole song into a furious and energetic millennial anthem. Special mention to ‘El Test de la Bravo y la Superpop’ and ‘No Quiero Salir’.


But our favourite ‘Remedio Casero’ is an unexpected mid-eighties ballad which shows us that Chenta can really sing in a beautiful track that’s utterly addictive.


But ‘Corazón De Cerdo Con Ginseng Al Vapor’ which has been produced and mixed by himself, has a lot of background from the cover to the lyrics.


Because he can seem cold and frivol as a young promising underground artist, but he’s only mixing all his past (childhood, adolescence, his homosexuality and Asian ancestry) into a modern pop masterpiece that just an intelligent and cultured person – Chenta studied architecture and violin, remember – can translate into a compelling, vital piece of work against bullies and shit people of the world. But there is more room on this 18-minute record for an acid criticism, with a rabidly contemporary and fresh vision against the norm and what society considers to be normal.




‘Corazón De Cerdo Con Ginseng Al Vapor’ is a modern manifesto about revenge, self-empowerment and being stronger than ever against the adversities of the world.


Without a doubt, Putochinomaricón is one of the most exciting things that has happened to the Spanish music scene in a long time, and that is something worth a huge celebration.


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