DAVID44’s new mesmerizing single “Understood” is a certified laidback bop

Almost two years ago, I first interviewed DAVID44 around the release of his single “Other Side” and the upcoming release of his debut album Truth (2019). Now, here we are again with his first single of 2021, the magical “Understood”.

This certified pop earworm song revolves around a very personal experience of Davíð Ólafsson aka David44, who was unhappily engaged on a very young age. This is a collaboration with successful Norwegian songwriter Caroline Ailin, who has written some bangers for artists like Katy Perry, Zara Larsson, Louis the Child, Ellie Goulding and some of Dua Lipa’s latest hits.

“Caroline is basically one of the world’s hottest songwriters right now. And to be honest, it’s almost a joke that she wrote a song with me. COVID-19 had caused lockdowns and we started to drop by each other’s places for dinner all the time. Isolated and bored to death, we ended up jamming some nights, and together we created “Understood”.”


David continues praising Caroline’s abilities for songwriting while explaining that this collaboration, was a masterclass on songwriting and the importance of making strong lyrics:

“Caroline focus on lyrics before anything else and knows just how to express an abundance of feelings in very few words. One thing is musical taste, how to make melodies and produce but putting down meaningful lyrics for a song is a whole other thing – and working with Caroline has without a doubt made me grow and develop as a songwriter.”


This is just the beginning of a bunch of new music by David44, who will release his second studio album this fall.

“Understood” is now out via indie label Thunderboy Records:

PS: Good luck trying to take the chorus and the incredible melodies out of your head 😉


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