Fifth Harmony Down Gucci Mane
Fifth Harmony Down Gucci Mane

“Down” is like a typical Fifth Harmony song but without Camila

We were expecting a bigger track for the expected return of Fifth Harmony, but “Down” is such a non-event song. Don’t get us wrong, but they should have to use the power of the polemic and bring a bigger track to reach a higher position on Billboard than Camila’s “Crying On The Club”.


“Down” is a collaboration with Gucci Mane, produced by Andrew Bolokki & Ammo & Dallask. The track’s production is good but it’s not innovative. Just the same sexy lyrics, with the recycled on-trend sound behind it.


Fifth Harmony will perform “Down” for the first time on Good Morning America as part of the Summer Concert series on June 2nd.


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