“El Patio” by Pablo López: Talent and passion

Pablo López is an intense artist; it is easy to see his energy performing and how active he’s on social media, where Pablo is always excited and grateful for everything he has achieved during this recent years.


Pablo has just released his new single “El Patio”, and is in the process of being consecrated in the world of Spanish music as a great artist with a huge fanbase and success. With two discs worthy of mention for their energy, lyrics and production, the challenge is to continue upwards with “Camino, Fuego y Libertad”, which will go on sale next December 15th.


In “El Patio” we meet a Pablo who begins to sound even bigger in terms of production (with more air and a sound more adjusted to the big radios) and experiences with his voice (those highs that we do not usually hear on his part). He continues to demonstrate vocal strength and an extraordinary ability to transmit emotions with his voice.


For the video of “El Patio”, Pablo has had the company of some friends for the audiovisual piece that we leave you below:




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