Elliot keeps growing and finding his sound while trying not to “drown” on his new vulnerable and captivating single

The 17 years old Danish singer debuted last year with both a terrific introductory EP titled I Don’t Like To Have Fun, and the quite trendy and hypnotising single “i hope for rain”.

Now he’s ready for the release of his new single “drown”. A mesmerising and captivating song about reaching out to people you care about to give them strength during hard times. A very opportune moment considering the situation in which we find ourselves with COVID-19. The vocal production is so hauntingly beautiful that catches you as if it were a spell during the 3:20 minutes.

“Most of my songs come from a sort of dystopian place inside of my head and often written to escape that exact place and give comfort. ‘drown’ wasn’t written to comfort myself but a dear friend of mine who was going through really hard times of sorrow.”

– Elliot explained about “drown”

Let yourself be captivated by “drown” below:

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