Emmelie de Forest – “History” (EP)

After a long wait of years, last February 9th we saw the release of a brand new EP History from the well-deserved Eurovision winner, Emmelie de Forest.


“History” came to life after a successful crowdfunding process which managed to reach an admirable 150% of the necessary amount of money for its production, mixing and mastering.


This 7-track EP is all about experimenting with pop music, leaving the folk indie style behind, and beginning a new chapter as an artist for Emmelie de Forest, who sounds better than ever in this project.


From “Sanctuary” to A-Ha magnificent cover “Hunting High And Low”, it’s easy to notice that “History” has been made through freedom and dedication.


The production is nothing innovative in today’s music scene, but has been outstandingly produced to sound fresh a hypnotic. The living proof is “Rabbit” an addictive experimental track which goes bonkers in your ears and is probably without any doubt one of Emmelie’s best songs ever.


Unlike her first studio album which was made on a rush because of Eurovision schedule which left no time to reconsider Emmelie’s qualities as an artist. This “History” EP demonstrate that she’s a talented singer with a more than great voice and a unique talent for writing (“Any Less” and before mentioned track “Rabbit”).


Special mention to “Hunting High And Low”, one of the most significant surprises of this new EP, a beautiful cover that elevates the A-ha track to unbelievable levels of darkness and sentiment. An excellent turn in the right direction for future songs.




“History” is the perfect move to taste the waters and see the reception of this new and authentic Emmelie de Forest, who has taken control of her own music with exceptional taste. I have to admit that she has surprised me, that I didn’t expect to find this kind of EP after the curse of Eurovision, but thanks to the universe that I was wrong about it.


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