Corners Of My Mind_EmotionalOranges
Corners Of My Mind_EmotionalOranges

Emotional Oranges continues their killer series of singles with the bittersweet “Corners Of My Mind”

I can’t remember a newcomer group with this killer round of first singles in a long time. Those chilling vibing anthems like “Hold You Back” or “Personal” are just 10/10.

“Corners Of My Mind” is even a little bit more intimate than “Hold You Back” as it is was a emotional one for the group: “This one’s special to us because we wrote it watching a close friend going through heartbreak while one of us was finding new love. It’s funny how life plays out like that sometimes. It can be so bittersweet yet magical at the same time”.

PS: Sadly still no news about a future album or EP.

Enjoy Emotional Oranges’ bittersweet latest single “Corners Of My Mind” below:

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