Fangoria hasn’t reinvented music but “Momentismo Absoluto” is one of their strongest singles in years

Spanish iconic electro-pop group Fangoria has dropped almost by surprise, the first single off their upcoming new 3-track EP Existencialismo Pop.

Fangoria’s new project was created during the lockdown as the new song “Momentismo Absoluto” is a homage to “Carpe Diem”. It is a lesson that we all know but that sometimes it is hard to remember and apply.

The EP’s essence is the uncertainty of lockdown as the group describes: “At the end of the weeks of lockdown, a year ago, we reconsidered all our professional plans and came to the conclusion that the best strategy was not to plan anything, at least in the long term. We decided that for a time, we would only release singles.”

“As a proudly pop group that we are, we are used to the immediacy and expiration of the 2-minute pop song that at 3 months is forgotten and surpassed (or not). But since we have our side of ‘absurd baroque’, we could not settle with a single song … It would be an EP with 3. And since we have a slightly gothic and tormented past, we decided that the E would be for Existentialism and the P obviously for Pop “.

The release of “Momentismo Absoluto” and the new EP also celebrate the 30th anniversary of Salto Mortal, Fangoria’s first album.

It seems that the dynamic between Fangoria and Milkyway has brand new energy this time around. Because we all were getting tired of it in a way.

Enjoy “Momentismo Absoluto” and his video with references to The Avengers and Kraftwerk below:

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