Freddy Madson by Therese Lærke_VOS_REVIEW
Freddy Madson by Therese Lærke_VOS_REVIEW

Freddy Madson’s new single “Hanging In The Air” is a marvellous and honest track that you should listen to if you are in your 20’s

“Hanging in the Air” is the brutally honest result of Freddy’s feelings of going through life in your 20’s. Running away from your problems is never an option, face them is. 

“Hanging In The Air” has this magically honest energy that makes you connect instantly with the track and the artist. There’s something about the gentle jazzy notes, the choir voices, Freddy’s vocals and the whole cinematic and ethereal atmosphere of the production that just creates a magical experience for the listener. 

“I think everyone knows what it’s like to feel imperfect or inadequate. Other people’s great expectations can suddenly become a massive burden in your life – and it literally dragged me down, creating an endless flow of irrational thoughts and unnecessary contemplation. It was the feeling of hanging in the air while racing for a new tomorrow but it was with the help from my closest ones, that I got back on track,” 

“Even though the last couple of years is a total blur, everything seems clearer to me than ever before! Writing ‘Hanging in the Air’ has made me hopeful. And if you ever lose faith or trust in yourself remember that no one could stop you from doing whatever you want to do or to be exactly who you want to be. No one but yourself,”

Freddy Madson tells.

“Hanging in the Air” by Freddy Madson is now out on independent label Only Child

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