George Maple’s new single “Champion” is an undeniable banger

After the release of her highly acclaimed debut album Lover, having her own headline sold-out tour and a bunch of dates with dark-pop icon Lorde, George Maple was positioning herself as an extraordinarily talented and hardworking artist that you must follow.

The curse of the second album, is always hard to pass. But as soon as you listen to “Champion”, you know that Maple is ready to destroy our minds with this insanily good new music.

“Champion” is about empowerment, and let me tell that this whole song is going to give you an extra push and fill you up with an extraordinary shot of positive energy. The production is also so bold and vibrant that’s impossible not to consider this song as a total champion.

“So you wanna be a champion, girl. So you wanna make demands on the world. Well, you gotta pay attention. Make amends to your vision”

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