Get ready to dance along to Maria Sioke’s new explosive single “Bambambam”

“Bambambam” comes a month after Maria’s latest banger “Soltera” with África (from OT). Precisely it was with that track that I started getting into Maria’s musical universe, which has an impressive potential mastering the art of the “perreo lento” with her music.

The second single from her upcoming next project is not an exception to that exquisite approach to reggaeton. It’s a straightforward banger that not only has a layered production full of little details (those “palmas”) and a top-notch vocal output for the genre but also has the infectious energy and personality of Maria’s all over it. A parking-lot party banger indeed.

“Bambambam” was written by Maria during the last summer of 2020 and produced by Pedro LaDroga.

Enjoy Maria Sioke’s banger “Bambambam” below:

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