Gia Woods is serving us the best and sexiest queer breakup track in a while with “New Girlfriend”

Gia Woods has really step up her game in this new instant smooth banger and breakup anthem titled “New Girlfriend”, which has been produced by Decco.

Gia told to NYLON a little bit more about the video of “New Girlfriend”:

“The video was inspired by ’90s Calvin Klein, and it represents the people that walk in and out of your life in your early 20s: looking for love, making mistakes, and discovering what suits your taste,”.

“This is one of my favorite videos I’ve ever done. I got to hand-select each model, which was so much fun! I basically messaged people I thought could work for the video and all the models were so open and down.” Who wouldn’t be down to look hot for the sake of a banger?

Caution because this “New Girlfriend” is catchy:

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