Gorgeous’ debut single “Divine” feels like a dream you don’t want to wake up from

Maríe Louise is the voice and songwriter accompanied by producer and multi-instrumentalist, Andreas Murga. They write and record all their music as a team, complementing each other’s work but never afraid to embrace their human and musical differences – a natural and liberating symbiosis

“Divine” has something magical about it. It feels so warm and charming to the ears (Marie’s voice is so captivating), like a song that has kept you company in magical moments of your life. The flavour of country and folk music complete the whole song, making it an absolute bulletproof debut single in my eyes. 

“Falling in love easily seems like a veil of euphoria, happiness and fascination. But at the same time, it’s a personal invitation into the life of a complete stranger – and the other way around – where you eventually will have to face each other’s story and what it holds of peculiarities, weaknesses, misfortune and tragedy. “Divine” is about that total surrender – about showing the good and the bad sides when you bump into that “one in a million”-true love,” 

Maríe Louise

Enjoy the gorgeous melodies of “Divine” below: 

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