“Green Light” for a new Lorde

Lorde is one of the most particular and talented artists that we have seen in a long time. She’s not a pop star in an old-fashioned way and is easy to notice this when you heard her particular obscure but warm voice. Her writing skills are amazing too, which make her a perfect combo – well, if we don’t include the dance but who doesn’t love Lorde’s weird dance -.


Now after 4 years without a full-length album, she’s back with “Green Light”, the first taste of her sophomore album “Melodrama”, which release date is still unknown.


For “Green Light”, which is a bop, by the way, she has worked with Frank Dukes, Kuk Harrell & Jack Antonoff. This song is about Lorde’s first major heartbreak and in Lorde’s words:


“It’s the first chapter of a story i’m gonna tell you, the story of the last 2 wild, fluorescent years of my life. this is where we begin” (Twitter).


Let’s dance to “Green Light”:


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