Sign Of The Times Harry Styles
Sign Of The Times Harry Styles

Harry Styles mix a little bit of Bowie and Robbie in “Sign of the Times”

“Sign of the Times” is a surprise in many ways:


  1. Is a 5:40 track, unusually long for nowadays standards (both radio and consumers).
  2. Is clearly a mix of Robbie Williams ballads and water down Bowie song (that change at the middle of the track remains us to “Space Oddity” and “Life or Mars”)
  3. Harry can sing – yeah he’s pretty good but let me see a live performance -.
  4. Is the most original and risky single of all the One Direction guys.
  5. Is clearly a grower and the last part of the song is the best.


Is hard today to hit the market with a track likeSign of the Times”, but is clear that Harry has a lot of fans and he has always to mark the distance from the typical young pop.


His first studio album release is scheduled for this year and is expected to be a centred-slow tempo album.


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