Has just Alba Reche released her best single yet with “Pido Tregua”? Well…YES

Honestly, with every new single, I’m beginning to like Alba’s music a bit more. She started a bit plain for me but with a lot of potential, as she showed us with her debut record, Quimera (2019).

Her latest collaborations where good (Sebastián Cortés’ “La Posada” & Cami’s “Que Bailen”), especially the one with Cami, which was relatively more exciting and different. But I was hoping that she was ready to take her sound to the next level with her upcoming solo track “Pido Tregua”, and indeed she did.

That decadent but danceable rhythm, accompanied by Alba’s airy and honeyed voice, make it quite an instant track and perhaps its most direct one yet. Visually, the video (directed by Aitana Cicuta), loaded with choreography marked by the importance of corporal expression and cold colours, seal the deal for a song with a lot of projection.

Enjoy “Pido Tregua”, Alba’s first single of 2021 below:

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