If you like to cry on the dance floor, Slayyyter’s new single “Clouds” will be your banger of the year.

After announcing her debut album Troubled Paradise alongside the explosive titled track last month, Slayyyter is back with her latest bop, “Clouds”.

This new track, “Clouds”, wrap Slayyyter‘s sadness in glossy and bombastic pop production to create a house banger that will easily fell into the sad-dance category. A combination that is extremely appealing if not think about Robyn’s biggest hits

Slayyyter’s forthcoming debut album will follow her remarkable 2019 mixtape Slayyyter, and will feature previous singles “Throatzillaaa” and “Self Destruct” with Wuki. 

“Clouds” confirms that Slayyyter is the queen of DIY while creating big budget-sounding pop music. Plus the visuals are top-notch, and she’s feeling her fierce main pop girl fantasy. 

Slayyyter’s debut album Troubled Paradise will be released on 11 June via FADER Label. You can pre-order the album on her website.

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