Iggy Azalea is about to kill us all with her fabulous new single ‘Started’

I’m living for Iggy Azalea‘s new independent era. She’s serving visuals, good music, concepts, looks; I mean everything that you can ask for and more.

You can’t like her music, but you can deny that Iggy is a hard worker and her perseverance is outstanding.

After the incredible ‘Sally Walker’, which is a street-walker anthem, we have Iggy’s new single ‘Started’. An “I made myself” anthem for those you keep fighting to reach their goals or have a sugar daddy to help them in their lives.

And the visuals as always are a total win. A whole Anna Nicole Smith inspired video that is an absolute pleasure to watch. It has choreography, funny moments, eye-popping outfits, cameos…

If you want to get rich, call 1833-DADDYS-DEAD.

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