“I’m Back” by Jada is an empowering anthem about stop doubting yourself

It seems that Jada has become the most promising singers on the Danish music scene in only a few years. When she debuted in 2018 with her triumphant debut single “Keep Cool”, it turned out to be just the beginning of a long journey full of music and a few awards (like the P3 Talent Award in 2019).

Now that journey continues with a brand new single, “I’m Back”. A massive empowering anthem that not only showcases her powerful unique voice but also an important message.  

Because on “I’m Back”, Jada sings openly about a feeling that sadly most people can relate to; the feeling of doubting yourself. However, the essence of the song’s message is trusting yourself, being true to who you are and not caring about what other people may think.

“I’m Back is about getting through a process. It’s about doubting yourself and losing balance and then finding the way back to yourself again. It’s also about how I relate to judgmental voices both from the outside and from within myself. It’s a song that I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, but it was hard to describe the nuances of both taking things in and getting hit by the words and at the same time shaking them off again and not really caring about what other people think,” Jada says.

Enjoy “I’m Back” by Jada below:

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