Hi Georgia, thank you for answer our questions! How are you doing?


 I’m doing great thanks, really excited to be here and so grateful for the opportunity. 


Can you introduce yourself as an artist, please?


 My name is Georgia Fearn, I’m 17 years old and I’ve just released my debut album “Perfect on Paper” which some have described as an indie folk album. It’s available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. 


Can you remember the moment when you knew you wanted to be a singer? How was the initial reaction of your parents?


 Yes, when I was a little girl me and my grandmother Myfanwy used to sing together and she taught me how to perform. My mum and dad are so supportive and always have been, they love my album, they know all the words!


What are your main inspirations for writing music? What’s your favourite part of the recording process?


 I think my main inspiration for music is actually film and books as a lot of my music is based off these platforms. The track “Does it Ever Make you Wonder” is based off of the Hunger Games trilogy, and “Catch Me When you Can” is based on Jack the Ripper. My favourite part of the recording process is probably getting the band in and making the tracks come to life with all of the different instruments. Hearing bass lines and different strings added in is so amazing.


How has been the reception of your debut album “Perfect On Paper”?


 I think it’s been very well received and everyone I’ve spoken to has been very supportive of me and my music.


What’s your favourite song of “Perfect On Paper? Why?


  My favourite track is probably the single “L’amour”, it’s one of the first songs I wrote for the album and I just think it’s a really fun and upbeat song to perform. It’s unlike radio pop music but fits into that bracket in an alternative way. 


How was the process of creating an album? What are the difficulties you have found in this musical travel?


 It’s been absolutely brilliant. Everything I’ve done has been so fun and everyone I’ve met along the way has been so helpful and supportive. I think a big difficulty was choosing which songs to include on the album and which ones to leave behind, but I think in the end I made the right decisions.


What is your goal for this 2018?


 My goal is for people to listen to my album and find themselves relating to and understanding it. This is what my favourite artists do for me and I hope I can do this for others.


Who are your favourite artists of all time? A dream collaboration?


 One of my favourite artists ever has got to be Panic! At The Disco, and this would also be my dream collaboration. I feel we both like weirdness and oddities in music.


A song that you would have loved to write?


 This has got to be “Vienna” by Billy Joel, it’s so clever musically and lyrically and has helped me through a lot of bad times.


And the last question what do you prefer, physical formats or streaming?


 Personally, I absolutely love the sound of vinyl. I think it sounds a lot richer than streamed music and it’s interesting to see the music being physically played with the needle.

Georgia Fearn’s debut album “Perfect on Paper” is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. 


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