Kate Garné is clearly a “one to watch” singer and songwriter that is currently slaying with her collaboration with Antis titled ‘Fool’. Check out little chat with Kate below:


Hi Kate! Thank you so much for answer our questions. Can you please introduce yourself to those who don’t know you?


Hi! Thank you for having me. I’m a Northern chick who has a passion for writing and singing, I currently Ft. on the Antis record ‘Fool.’


Can you tell us when you decided that the music industry was your place?


I guess I started believing in myself around the age of 16, I did a school talent show and had kept my passion pretty quiet, so a lot of people were shocked, and it was the feedback I received from then that boosted my self-belief, I went on to attend music college and found social media, that really opened doors for me, and that’s where I found myself in the industry as difficult as it can be, it’s something I will always be a part of.


Do you have any writing routine? What are your main inspirations?


When writing I always take my lyrics from something I have felt or I’m feeling emotionally it’s usually the opening line I come up with first then the melody follows.


The first time I decided I wanted to try and write was definitely the first time I heard Amy Winehouse’s album ‘Frank’ it was real and raw and I thought yes I have so much to say I want to do that. As well as creating an honest and real message it’s also a self-healing process for me.


Your collaboration with Antis titled ‘Fool’ has already generated over 2 million streams. How do you feel about that?


It’s so exciting! I’m really excited about the future, and I appreciate Antis giving me the opportunity to be on his record, I’m absolutely LOVING how many people are enjoying the song it’s truly humbling.


What can you tell us about the future? Do you plan to focus on your own music?


The future makes me smile I love working with different artists, so I’m always excited when I get sent Ft’s. But I definitely at some point will share my own music I’m always working on myself and my sound. I Can’t wait to see where the Antis track ‘Fool’ takes me.


Your biggest influence?


My biggest influence is definitely life, experiences have given me the ability to write some amazing songs that hopefully people can relate too.


And the last question. What’s the most important thing you’d want to tell people about you and your future music?


This is just the beginning.


You can follow Kate Garné on: Twitter // Facebook // Instagram



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