Lara Oscuridad
Lara Oscuridad


Good morning, Lara, first thank you for answering our questions. How is everything going?


Hi, Nacho, thank you for giving me space on Vibes Of Silence and give me the opportunity of this interview. I am thrilled and happy to be able to count on people like you who help me and reach out to spread the word.


For those who have not read our introducing feature about you; Could you tell us who Lara Morello is?


It is challenging to do an exercise of introspection of oneself and define oneself. I will choose to say that I like to compose, live experiences, suffer them and mark them to the beat of a song. That I love to be thrilling on a track when I finish writing it, taking it to live and experimenting with it until I give several versions. And that without sacrifice I do not understand any achievement.


Do you remember the moment when you decided you wanted to dedicate yourself to music? Did you receive support from your environment?


I think I never got to decide, I just tried to do what I like. These things should not be thought, but thrown at them, regardless of what you can win or lose. Because what matters is doing what makes you happy.


The support must be earned, and although it sounds hard, it is preferable to come later, when you have bet everything for you, and those around you sees what you do to improve. There is when you notice the effort of the day to day, the implication and the desire, that is just when you don’t need to express what is in you, because you simply emanate it.


On what subjects do you inspire yourself to write music? How did you get to meet your current Iker Arranz producer?


Inspiration is given from something autobiographical, a story that I would have liked to live, a story or theme that can be proposed to me, a transcendence to be transmitted. They are everyday things a bit extrapolated with dyes of optimism that never come badly.


The truth is that it was Iker who found me. Through MySpace and a group friend in common, Versilia, he came to my first demos. He wrote to me telling me that he could improve what he had up to that moment, from the tremendous modesty and professionalism that characterise him. It’s been almost 8 years until the dream of being able to work with him and create what he just trusted that he can do with the songs. He has always believed in me and I in him. I trusted that everything would come and Iker has had patience about that.


For your EP Debut “Saltemos” you had to choose only three tracks among more than 30. Why this decision? On what criteria did you base to select the songs of the EP?


Together with Iker Arranz we have chosen the most rounded themes, with the most projection and those that can make the most of the first brushstrokes regarding the sound of what could be a complete project such as an LP. I wanted them to show different sides on a personal level, the most intimate and fragile with “Oscuridad”¸ the most carefree and sarcastic with “Seremos” and the most optimistic and persevering one with “Saltemos”.


What are your goals for this 2018?


The goal that I always ask for this year it is to never stop surprising and stumble to continue learning. Besides, I hope to be able to carry out the presentation of the EP and other highlights tracks with a band, a whole new challenge. Release “Saltemos” in physical format and shoot it outside of Madrid. Hopefully, they don’t stay in the typical New Year’s resolutions (laughs).


Who are your favourite artists? A special disc that has marked you?


I have so many … I stay with those who have served as an influence as Anastacia, Cher, Luz Casal, KT Tunstall, Sara Bareilles, U2, The Secrets, etc.


For discovering both the artist and the record by chance, I’ll take Sara Bareilles’ “Eye To Telescope”.


As a songwriter what song would you have liked to compose and why?


“With Or Without You” by U2, I wish the current songs would have as much life as this theme and continue to pass from generation to generation, persisting in time and thrilling as if it were today. It is a subject that does not go out of style and is still easily recognisable.



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