Hi ReeLiv, thank you so much for answer our questions! How is everything?

Were happy & excited for our first release.

For those who didn’t read our Introducing feature about your duo; can you guys introduce yourself, please?

Reenie from India, New York and the UK. Singer/Songwriter/Producer, TV presenter and Spiritualist!

Livingstone from the UK (conceived in Jamaica!). Multi-instrumentalist/ Songwriter/ Producer, electronic design freek!

How do you meet each other and decided to start this project? How you complement each other musically?

We met via a mutual DJ friend Aadil. We started out making music to support a spiritual project of healing using solfeggio tones – My scepticism soon turned to amazement. Although from different worlds both geoligically and musically, we have used the spiritual connection as the foundation for our creativity.

Like your presentation, you have released a two-track EP including “Gotta Fall Sometime” and “Fuel to the Fire”. Can you tell us a little bit about the process of creation of these two songs?

The two songs were originally one idea though we were trying to say too much.  Gotta fall was the concise version and straight away we knew we had something.

The idea around ‘Fuel to the fire’ came from installation artist Marina Abramović.  We caught something on youtube that left us both next to tears. Then on opening up, we realised the pain was the love left behind and the questions only add ‘Fuel to the fire’.

Do you have any more songs ready to go? Or you are just waiting to see the reception of the EP?

We’ve just spent two weeks at reenies retreat in Goa, writing new songs. Just about done mixing!

What do you expect for this 2018?

To give something, take something, learn something and pass something on…

Who are your favourite artists of all time? A dream collaboration?

Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell a dream collab for me would be Drake, the way he talks to the here and now!!

Sting and Tracy Chapman are amongst my favourite artists and a dream collaboration for me would be with Drake or Rihanna.

And the last question what do you prefer, physical formats or streaming?

When home I’m a vinyl guy though, I’m really excited about the opportunities for a blockchained digital music delivery system like VEZT or Imogen’s MYCELIA etc.


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