Because of the release of Sølv’s ‘All To You’ video, we have the opportunity to have a little chat with her. Enjoy our must-see interview with this promising young star below:


Hi Sølv! Thank you so much for answer our questions. Can you please introduce yourself to those you didn’t know you?


Hey! I’m a 22-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer living in west London.


Who’s Sølv as an artist?


I create alternative electronic r&b-infused pop; vocally-led/layered with a dark edge.


Can you tell us about your writing process and your main inspirations?


My writing process seems to be different every time, but it’s usually production led. I always have to be inspired by a sound, which could be anything from a drum sample to a synth, I then build around it with a melody, an image and a vibe and then everything kind of spirals from there. It can come from a really small hook or a visual idea like a memory, a picture or something I’ve seen or read.


Do you use music as a way of self-exploration and self-understanding?


Definitely. All my tracks explore different parts of me, whether that be my experiences, observations, or just things that are powerful to me for whatever reason. I also think that’s why I can be such a perfectionist when it comes to me wanting to get things just as I want them, as I see music as an almost extension of self. Writing the lyrics helps me to offload things that float around in my consciousness, whether that’s related to specific things, or more generally. For example, my latest EP, ‘Codeine’, explores all elements of addictive relationships, whether good or bad. Some lyrics may relate in part to me, some to others.


How would you describe your relationship with the fans?


My relationship with fans is still quite new as I’m a newer artist. However, it’s amazing getting messages from people all across the world telling me they love my songs. It’s crazy because these are songs are pretty much all created in my bedroom, so to hear that people are connecting with them is such a wonderful feeling. I’ve also had a couple of messages from people telling me how they listen to my songs to help them deal with things like anxiety and depression, which is amazing to hear!


Last year you released your second EP ‘Codeine’. How has been the reception of it by far?


The reception to Codeine has been great! It’s a project that I worked so hard on and wanted to have as much control over as possible, so pretty much everything from production to the artwork was created by me. It’s been a slow, deliberately steady build and I’m now working on new tracks and collaborations too.


Let’s talk about your new video for ‘All To You’. How has been the experience of self-directing? What are the inspirations for the video?


The video for ‘All to You’ has been a very interesting journey and has taught me a lot. It was inspired by toxic relationships, some romantic, some otherwise, and attempting to find a positive side of constantly waiting around for someone. I had a very specific vision for it, to the point that I could listen to the song and see the imagery play alongside in my head before I even decided I wanted to shoot the video. I worked with an amazing production team called JAW and we just had the best fun making it. I wanted it to be just right so it took a lot longer than I’d originally planned. It was all shot on location, mainly outdoors and often with a drone so the lighting and conditions had to be perfect. There is one scene on a clifftop which despite looking bright and sunny was shot at 6am in January… If you look carefully, you can see the heavy frost on the ground, I’ve never been so cold in my life! I’ve learned such a lot from the experience and have made some lifelong friends through it!


Can we expect new music for this 2018? Maybe a full debut album?


I’d love to launch a debut album but not yet. I’m working on lots of new music right now and have a few tracks that I am really excited about which will be out later this year, I’m also focusing on playing shows with my live band.


There is nothing like being on the stage and having that special connection with the audience and fans. There are any tour plans for the future? Maybe a small promotional tour around Europe?


I would love to play around Europe, so that is definitely something on the agenda. I have an amazing band of very talented musicians and we love playing live and can’t wait to reach even more audiences. I have a very electronic set-up so my live set sounds just like the recorded versions which is something I was always very definite about. We’ve spent a long time perfecting our set up so I’m really excited for people to come and see the live shows.

Your favourite album and singer?


That’s such a hard question as there’s so many artists/albums that I love. One minute I’ll be listening to A$AP Rocky and the next minute, Talking Heads… It all kind of depends on my mood. I couldn’t choose just one, but Channel Orange by Frank Ocean is up there… and there’ll always be a huge place in my heart for Lana Del Rey.


What’s your goal for the rest of 2018?


My goal for the rest of 2018 is to play more gigs, write more music and connect with an even bigger audience, I’m also learning how to DJ at the moment so that’s something I’m hoping to spend more time on too.


And the last question. What’s the most important thing you’d want to tell people about you and your future music?


I see my music an extension of myself, soundtracking the inside of my head. So each song shows a different side of me. I don’t do things the easy way or cut corners but I believe that’s worth it for the satisfaction and result you get in the end, so hold tight for what’s to come!


You can follow Sølv on: Twitter // Facebook // Instagram



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