Hi SPELLES, thank you for answer our questions! How is everything?

For those who didn’t read our Introducing feature about you; can you introduce yourself, please?


Hi, My name is Kathryn Baar and I have a music project called Spelles based in Los Angeles, CA


What are your main inspirations? And your favourite part of the recording process?


My own life experiences are what inspire all of the songs that I write. There is a popular quote by Mark Twain where he says, “ Write what you know.” I’ve experienced a lot of feelings of anxiety, isolation, and self-doubt, which show up a lot in my songs.


My favourite part of the recording process is doing pre-production at home with my collaborator in Spelles, Luc Laurent. That’s when we’re arranging the song, and where it eventually reveals itself to us, so it’s really exciting. When we get to a proper recording studio it’s mostly a tactical experience of re-recording parts to make them sound better.


What is your goal for this 2018? Maybe a full album?


I’m really excited about 2018. I feel as clear-headed as ever. Luc and I are writing new music, we recorded a single back in February that I’m really excited to release, and hopefully, we’ll be playing more shows and getting radio play. I’d love to tour Europe if possible.


Who are your favourite artists of all time? A dream collaboration?


I love Nina Simone, Radiohead, Portishead, Feist, and Fiona Apple, to name a few. I’d love to collaborate with Jonny Greenwood. I love his film scoring and work in Radiohead.


Whats your most played song lately?


I just finished watching Big Little Lies on HBO and I keep listening to the song “River” by Leon Bridges that was in one of the episodes. It’s so soulful and makes me feel happy.


And the last question what do you prefer, physical formats or streaming?


I prefer physical copies over streaming. I love the experience of going out to buy an album, holding it in my hands, looking at the artwork, and reading the lyrics if provided. The convenience of streaming is nice, but I develop a stronger connection to something I can hold in my hands and look at.

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