INTRODUCING: Aloïse Sauvage

Aloïse Sauvage is a unique French multi-instrumentalist, actress, dancer, circus performer, writer and singer, who indeed has a passionate career with a lot perspective of future.


She was trained at the Fratellini Academy, School of Circus Arts, with the speciality of acro-dance. She has worked with both contemporary circus directors and choreographers; we can also see her taking part in all Raphaëlle Boitel’s shows.


Aloise also plays on camera. She has worked as an actress with Vincent Lannoo (Trepalium, broadcast on ARTE), Nicole Garcia (Stoned), Etienne Comar (Django), Robin Campillo (120 beats per minute), Vincent Mariette (Les Fauves, 2018) among others.


On the musical side, her moody style is the result of mixing hip-hop and R&B with English and French. Moreover, is easy to perceive the theatrical atmosphere of her songs and spectacular videos influenced by her previous work as a multidisciplinary artist.


In the fall of 2017, she released her first two tracks “Ailleurs Higher” & Aphone and one new at the beginning of March of this year titled “Hiver Brûlant”. Now Aloïse Sauvage is focusing on writing new music and doing concerts to promote her fantastic work.


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