If you love pop music, you’ll love Jazz Mino‘s work. This half-Iranian young pop singer and songwriter is making a stand through her music for a more open and better society.


Now she’s releasing a colour changing, multi-single campaign. In with each single to come will portray a message related to equality, diversity and the importance of self-care topics and has been associated with a unique colour and his meaning.


The second single of this project is a Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder cover of the 1984’s hit “Together In Electric Dreams.” A reworked version that still conserves that unique atmosphere and heartfelt of the original version.


Nowadays, Jazz Mino is currently on a tour of UK Schools, to help the youngest people to understand the importance of the mental health and to promote messages of equality, diversity and self-care.


PD: You can read our interview with Jazz Mino here.



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